Why Exhibit

The country which, at the time of independence only had 20 Universities and 500 Colleges now boasts of having more than 720 Universities and 45,000 colleges, thereby making India the largest higher education system in the world and second largest in terms of student enrolment (31 million). In spite of this, the GER is presently lagging at 22.5% (2013) which is far lower than the world average. This signifies a tremendous growth potential, especially given the Government’s target of achieving GER of 30% by 2020. The Indian higher education system has exhibited impressive growth over the last decade to become the largest system of higher education in the world in terms of institutions and second largest in terms of student’s enrolment.

Today, 300,000 Indian students study in Higher Education overseas spending INR 60,000 crores (USD 10 billion). These numbers of 300,000 will only increase as Indian becomes prosperous. If, even half of these students could be educated by foreign institutions in India or through Twining programmes between Indian and foreign institutions, it will be a big boost for our Higher Education system. These figures also imply that there is a huge opportunity for Foreign Universities to set up campuses in India

  • The best forum for exhibitors to meet, interact and showcase advanced & innovative education materials to educationists, institutions and companies that will help them manage their institutions in a better, more effective & competitive manner and thus facilitate the continuous improvement of instructional teaching and learning development.
  • An ideal stage to tap the Asian market and network across continents with educators & those from the educational supplies & training industry.
  • The perfect marketing opportunity for face-to-face interactions with vendors and creation of new channel partners.

Personal Connections: Meet with colleagues and leaders from all areas of the field.

Networking: Establish new professional and institutional contracts that you can turn to throughout the year to achieve greater success.

Skills Building: Enhance professional expertise through learning opportunities tailored to all levels of experience.

Model Practices: Gain insights into innovations and solutions for your programs

Advocacy: Stay informed on policies affecting international education. Learn how to impact legislation that will lead to a more welcoming and globally engaged India.

Value: Save the expense of costly international travel with comprehensive programming, networking events, and a world class venue, all in New Delhi, India.

Size and Scope : Be an integral part of the largest and most diverse international education Exhibition and conference.