About the Event


Deliberations on policy roadmap and other topical issues in Higher Education. More than 1000 national and international delegates including Indian and foreign University Presidents, Vice Chancellors and Deans. Participation from 60 plus countries such as EU, UK, Canada, USA, Africa, Middle East, SAARC, CIS etc.

An ideal platform to tap the Asian market and network across continent with educators, higher education institutions, service providers and technology companies etc. More than 150 exhibitors from top of the line Institutions showcasing best practices to the global participants and explore collaborations.

Indian subcontinent has emerged to be a global magnet for aspiring learners, and a role model for high-quality affordable educational systems

  • Indian higher education institutions are governed by the highest standards of ethics and accountability, with every single one of them being peer-reviewed and accredited
  • India is among top 5 countries globally in cited research output, its research capabilities boosted by annual Research and Development spends totalling over US$140 billion
  • India is in the fourth cycle of its research excellence framework, with at least a 100 of Indian universities competing with the global best
  • India is the single largest provider of global talent, with one in four graduates in the world being a product of the Indian system
  • In the last 20 years alone, 6 Indian intellectuals have been awarded the Nobel Prize across categories
  • India is a regional hub for higher education, attracting global learners from all over the world
  • The country has augmented its GER to 50% while also reducing disparity in GER across states to 5 percentage points
  • The Indian higher education system is needs-blind, with all eligible students receiving financial aid. Two thirds of all government spending towards higher education is spent on individuals, including faculty and students
  • India’s massive open online courses, started by several elite research universities, collectively enrol 60% of the world’s entire student population